We Love Our Customers!

Our success is due to referrals and continued business from repeat customers. We absolutely love our customers! We're committed to providing the best possible experience for our customers. We're not happy until they're happy.
We have been excitedly awaiting the day this place would open, and were hopeful that it would have "ok sushi". Instead we discovered incredibly delicious sushi that was also absolutely Beautiful! Dishes have such unique presentation, making dining an experience. (especially our dessert plate) Our favorite roll was the Cherry Blossom, but we also loved the spicy salmon. This is probably the best sushi we've had (and we love sushi!). The staff is very friendly, attentive, and were accommodating to my shellfish allergy. We felt welcome and comfortable from the moment we arrived. Price is affordable, and usual for sushi places of Lesser quality than this, even. This is definitely our new absolute favorite sushi place, and we are eager to come try more of the menu soon.
Lacey S, Jul 20 2017
This place is going to be my new go-to place for sushi. I LOVE sushi and I live across the street from the place and I've been anticipating its opening since I learned it was going to be a sushi restaurant. It was so much better than I anticipated--absolutely delicious with reasonable prices. The decor is great, all of the staff are super nice and helpful. We will be back and we will spread the word!
Desiree M, Jul 21 2017
Excellent new sushi place in Colorado Springs. Amazing food with a very friendly staff. The Uri House Roll is delicious.
Christopher C, Aug 04 2017
Excellent sushi. The staff is great and the restaurant is spotless. Our new go-to sushi joint!
Tim W, Aug 07 2017
Amazing food and staff! It's been a long time since a Sushi place surprised me - the food was $$$ level for $ prices. I'll be going back for sure!!
Aaron C, Aug 02 2017
Most amazing best prices and quality as well as a awesome sushi chef and owner Andrew Oh food presentation is amazing and the heart of what he does best time ever !!! Saki dude is on point buy one get large free can't beat it customer service and all of it come up here inside it's beautiful don't let the outside fool you food drinks service on point best sushi experience. Come on down !!
Chelsey D, Aug 05 2017
The staff was nice and helpful!! Them rolls was sooo good. I will be coming back. Thank you for the great service.
Natasha B, Jul 28 2017