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At Uri Sushi & Grill, we offer a variety of tasty dishes to satisfy your appetite. Rest assured that our talented team of chefs will take care of you.
Colorado Springs Crab Cream Choose Wontons

Crab Cream Choose Wontons

Do you want a snack to start off your meal? The Uri Sushi & Grill freshly cooked crab cream cheese wonton may be the perfect snack for you. Our homemade wonton has a perfect mixture of crab and cream cheese inside of a crunchy, golden wonton. We work to bring you the tastiest wontons in Colorado Springs. You will receive this platter fresh and hot upon ordering, perfect for your taste.

Colorado Springs Deluxe Bento Box

Deluxe Bento Box

You have no idea what to order, because you want to try many different things? Don’t worry, here’s a perfect choice for you! The Uri Sushi & Grill offers you a deluxe bento box for both lunch and dinner, to make it easier for you to decide. Our deluxe bento box has numerous choices that you can choose from, and get one of the main dish and two of the side dishes. What an amazing deal! Your enjoyment of flavor is our goal, and our chefs work to make sure every item is delicious.

Colorado Springs Uri Bowl

Uri Bowl

You don’t like raw fish? With no hesitation, we recommend the Uri bowl that has a perfect combination of beef, chicken, and vegetables, served with rice on the bottom and our homemade teriyaki sauce on the side. The Uri bowl work as a light dinner or a healthy lunch. We are here to make sure your meal is everything you need for a full meal.

Colorado Springs Sun Flower Roll

Sun Flower Roll

If you enjoy freshly made sushi recipes, then we are here to make your sun flower roll every time you order. If you are a salmon lover, here’s a perfect choice for you that is topped with salmon and lemon twist, that gives you a refreshing taste! We put our homemade ponzu sauce that adds more flavor to it. We are here to make sure you enjoy every meal.

Colorado Springs Sushi & Sashimi

Sushi & Sashimi

We understand that many people question the quality or taste of sushi, but here at Uri Sushi & Grill, sushi & sashimi is one of our greatest specialties. With inclusion of fresh fish from this very area, there is no reason to worry about the transport or cleanliness of our platters. We always do our best to serve the freshest fish in Colorado Springs!

Colorado Springs Dragon Roll

Dragon Roll

If you love fresh water eel, here’s what you need to get! The Uri Sushi & Grill put whole eel on the top of the roll, then drizzle with our homemade unagi sauce.

Colorado Springs Hawaiian Roll

Hawaiian Roll

Sometimes sushi does not need to be perfected with rice and seaweed. This particular roll has three kind of assorted fish with avocado, kani, thinly sliced daikon (radish) wrapped in freshly cut cucumber. To finish off the perfectness ponzu sauce is added to really get the fresh tropical flavor.

Colorado Springs Albacore Special Roll

Albacore Special Roll

This roll is one of those you won’t know that it’s good until you try it roll. Inside it has red onions, jalapenos, and of course albacore tuna all chopped up and topped with more albacore tuna, jalapenos, tempura crumbs with our very own homemade tataki sauce.